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 Our events division has grown exponentially from our very first event- Karen Community Expo, which has now grown to a successful biannual event to a division that hosts several events every month. We have also developed the capacity to offer our clientele Event Management Services through our experienced, dedicated team that seamlessly delivers successful events.

We have heavily invested in the events division to include the latest products and services in the events world but more important, we continue to learn with every new experience to the benefit of our clients. Among the events we organize include;

The Karen Community Fair is organised by Karen Inside out, a well recognized publication that has been impacting on the Karen community for about 2 years. The event has come to be recognized as ‘The Heart Beat of Karen’ and we continue to grow it every year in partnership with the Karen Langata District Association. The event features a concept of Business and Pleasure!

This event targets the residents of Runda, Muthaiga, Kitusuru and Gigiri. It’s supported by one of our publications Gigiri Inside Out. The event is quite similar to the Karen Community Fair although it targets a wider community. We are focused on transforming this event almost into a tradition for these communities and in so doing, provide an unprecedented opportunity for business and pleasure for all parties.

This event was the very first of its kind in East Africa. It addressed some of the most topical and relevant security challenges today, gaining a lot of support from the Kenyan government as well as the Private Sector. The conference focuses on the theme; Strength Through Knowledge and is now growing to the county level. It continues to engage all stake holders with a strategic, operational or vested interest in developing and/ or implementing policies, plans and procedures designed to manage the risk associated with the threat.

In 2014, we launched a comprehensive entrepreneurship initiative called Dream Big Dreams. Dream Big Dreams is focused on creating a foundation of support that encourages and supports all young entrepreneurs who DARE TO DREAM.
We hold several boot camps of this kind, several times in a month in different parts of the country. The project will launch soon in Uganda.

This is a corporate support initiative that offers companies staff training and mentorship opportunities. It is
supported by a panel of experts in the different fields of sales, marketing, communications and PR, finance among others.

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