Terry Downes
Group Chairman



Terry is a former member of the Irish Army serving 14 years of which the last 7 years as a member of the Irish Anti Terrorist Unit the Army Ranger Wing.


Terry has presented on Strategic security issues across the world, underwent Advanced Cargo Security Management programs at the Merchant Marine Academy in Kings Point New York and has been instrumental in the development of security initiatives in Europe, the United States, Malaysia and Africa.





Harriet Thiong’o

CEO & Founder



Harriet is founder and current CEO of Harriet Group, a specialized Kenyan based Publishing, Strategic marketing and Event Management company that has captured the attention of the EA Market.


Her creative focus, passion to exceed expectations and innovative approach has led HG to publish over 8 in House Titles under and develop a discerning and prestigious strategic marketing client base.





Sasha Downes

General Manager



Sasha is an experienced and highly focused member of the team who brings years of experience in the retail and Corporate sector to the Group.Having ran her own business both in Ireland and Australia, she returned to Ireland to pursue a career in the development of marketing techniques for the SME sector.


Her experience in management and an administrative environment adds to her role in supporting the development of DBD. She will play a leading role in driving the launch and development of DBD across the SME sector in Ireland.




Nicky Carroll

Business Development Manager



Nicky Carroll is another member of the team who is focused on the development and launch of initiatives that will fundamentally change the way in which the SME retail sector perceive marketing to be all about.


With a background in the service industry and a number of years front of house in a highly competitive chain of retail stores, Nicky brings to the team a sense of all that is fresh, vibrant and dynamic about the potential to Boost your Business utilizing the full scope of marketing and merchandising options to deliver high impact results.