Dream Big Dreams is a comprehensive entrepreneurship initiative that is focused on creating a foundation of entrepreneurial support that encourages and empowers all who DARE TO DREAM.

Our Goal is to create a legacy of inspiration, a platform of initiatives that empower and promote the concept of entrepreneurship as a catalyst for personal and business development across the entire region.

This division has gathered a lot of support from like-minded corporate s and NGOs and now the government. It’s an initiative that we believe has the potential to empower the Kenya youth, and in deed youth in the entire region. And with an unemployment rate of 40%, this initiative is one we are very passionate about- for all the right reasons.

The project has featured successful events that have ignited demand for the project in many schools and universities, leading to the launch of Dream Big Dreams on Tour. The expansion continues as we launch the DBD club in most schools and colleges to continue the growth of the entrepreneurship spirit in our youth.

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